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Lebanon and middle Tennessee pest control

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Are you experiencing the frustrations of insect infestations in your home? Have no fear! We provide insect identification, treatment, and prevention services.

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Are you tired of pesky rodents like mice and rats wreaking havoc on your property and posing a threat to your health? Let's bid farewell to your pests once and for all!

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There will be a day when your business will face pest problems. Take preventative measures now. We proudly offer services to a wide range of businesses.

Serving Lebanon, Smyrna, Murfreesboro and the surrounding Middle Tennessee area

We are proud to be your local pest control service

At True Pest Solutions, we understand the importance of pest prevention and extermination - it's only part of the comprehensive pest control services we offer. We use a variety of preventive measures, including regular inspections, sealing of entry points, and the use of exclusion devices, to keep pests out of your property.

With years of experience and technicians armed with the latest pest control technology, our local company is a force to be reckoned with in the battle against pests.

Owner and operator of True Pest Solutions, Josh Gallas, provides inspection to determine which pest control services are needed for the home

Pests We Control and Exterminate

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We strive to eliminate persistent ant infestations with a multifaceted approach.

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We exterminate the wasps and restore your property to its safe and serene state.

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Our technicians are experts at cockroach extermination and elimination.

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Fleas and Ticks

Our pest-savvy technicians can track fleas and ticks down and get rid of them.

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We are the experts in fly control and extermination. Let us help you!

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Mice and Rats

We effectively eliminate your rodent problem and prevent future outbreaks.

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With us, your home or business will have the best mosquito protection possible.

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We specialize in spider remediation and ensure your home is pest-free all year.

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Our team can help protect your home from the damaging effects of termites

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Don't see your pest listed above?

No need to fret! We treat a variety of insects, rodents, and pests. Please let us know what you're dealing with and we'd be happy to talk to you more about your pest control needs.

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Our Mission

We won't rest until your family feels safe at home again.

Your home should be where you feel the most safe and protected. Once your home is infested by pests, you lose that sense of safety and comfort you once had.

At True Pest Solutions, our job is to restore security and trust in your home. We identify the problem, eliminate and treat for pests, and take preventative measures so these pests won't return. We also use safe eco-friendly products, that are safe for the environment and for your family.

What Our Valued Clients Are Saying

Awesome company. Josh is very dependable and is excellent in what he does. Our pests are gone since he has been coming to us. Highly recommend!!!!

Debra B.

Josh at True Pest has been amazing! Fast service, good quality, very friendly and professional service. He is always there if we have a problem or a question. Highly recommend!

Kaycee B.

I am very satisfied with the service. Always on time when scheduled, and very knowledgeable about questions and concerns. If you are looking for a good quality and professional business, I would definitely recommend True Pest Solutions.

Donny W.

Josh was responsive, professional, and very kind. He went above and beyond to make sure my family was taken care of.

We found a yellow jackets in our home and Josh was able to find the nest and get rid of our problem. Thank you so much!

Travis W.

I had a terrible ant problem until 3 years ago when I started using True Pest Solutions. I haven't had ants since, inside or outside. They are very professional and work with you to solve you pest problem. I highly recommend using them.

Jean A.

Josh was responsive, professional, and very kind. He went above and beyond to help resolve issues with rental properties.

We will be using True Pest for all our insect/pest needs.

Ashley P.

Professional and pleasant! Schedules with you in advance, knowledgeable and not pushy! Highly recommended for pest control!

Brionne B.

We couldn't be happier with the service we get with True Pest. Josh goes above and beyond to ensure all issues are resolved with any pest problems.

Brian M.

True Pest is as good as it gets!!!! Josh has been coming to our house for years. He is professional, on time, and does a great job. We never have issues with regular unwanted pests. Highly recommended!!

Daniel H.

Josh is the greatest. I've used his service for years. He is fair and honest and always shows up on schedule. You can't ask for more.

Denise H.